How Online Dating Will Change in 2017

The world is certainly changing. The world of online dating will be changing as well. The following are 3 ways online dating will change in 2017:

Dating will Change Back to Being More Actionary

The situation with the 2016 election, the economy, healthcare, climate change and the overall feeling that the world is ending is heling people realize they need to participate more actively in what is important, especially is finding a partner. This will reflect in online dating in 2017 when there will be more online action leading to Offline action which is necessary. There will be more responsibility and value of what is important (i.e., values, morals, etc.) this will lead to more groups, meet-ups and connections offline rather than mostly online texting relationships that have led to the feeling that people are expendable and that there is just a swipe away from something better.

There will be Progress with Algorithmic Dating

As technology grows we will become nerdier in our ability to find a true partner. Our social media like Pintrest, twitter, and facebook will be increasingly used to match us based more off our interests and to help us find someone similar to ourselves based not what we say we want, but perhaps based off what we really need … someone closer to ourselves with our interests and values. This is a good thing because people may say that opposites attract, but they also repel. Research shows relationships last longer with people that are more similar.

Facing what we WANT vs What we Need

People will better begin the process of mourning what they WANT vs What they NEED
We are no longer living in a Reagon-esk world of excess. Society is changing quickly. Though people in our society have been attracted to shiny objects, for those that are interested in really settling down with a partner, there will be more of a movement for values and stability over excitement. People as a society are starting to understand that people don’t change without work and are no longer having the patience to gamble on a work-in-progress that typically doesn’t work.

Dating sites will always be now in one form or another. I hope these changes are embraced by those who do not see the bar scene as the “ideal” ground for finding their person. While navigating online dating in 2017, try to enjoy the moment and make the process as fun as possible regardless of whether it is a match or not. This will keep you positive and realistic that dating is like going to a warehouse department store. It may take a lot of flipping through the items, but if you do with patience you will eventually find that diamond in the rough.

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